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Current WIPs I have.  Here you can have sneek pics and information about them, aswell as the official links to follow them over the forums
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A Fictional Alternate future characters bios I made some time ago, -perhaps- while I was stoned.
Download all the spritepacks from the a-CVS Series or sets of additional edits for several characters, freely usable in your MUGEN creations, just giving credit. ;P
Download-able characters (and Add-Ons, eventually) made or edited by me, aswell as some hosted ones.
Turorials for the Pixel Art we call spriting. some by me and some by other finest artists in the net.
CVS gameplay or Sprite-wise MUGEN released Characters list, and where you can find them!

Characters & Stages
Works in Progress
Street Fighter MCV
Sprites Gallery

Gallery of Sprites made by me. From my early attemps to some others more recent.
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Asura Sprites and Sounds main download
Asura Regular (not "splitted out") GetHit, Dizzy and CheapKo sprites
Asura Alternate Stance (used in Buckus's version
Thanks IMT, LotF, Warusaki, PotS, Vyn, @ndroide, and thanks to you.
Please feel free to take a tour trough the page!
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