Street Fighter MCV is an alternative future line for the SF Saga, with new costumes and storylines for the main and not-so-main characters.
they have been made in Bottom-to-Top order.

They ARE NOT Wips, so pls dont even try to ask for them.


After the alpha series, a global and prestigious brand of sport clothes offers Karin a contract to be its Image, so they now sponsor her (like if she needs it xD  ) and with the new street fighter tournament she goes after the victory she has been training to obtain!:

defeat Sakura.
However, she'll realize that the new tournament is not that easy, and she will meet Zack, who will have a crush on her, but she wont...

Karin is now an experimented fighter whom has traveled around the world perfecting her style and technique..behold newbies!

Sentry Guy

After the alpha saga, Guy returned to metro city and was a permanent sentry of the order, fighting evil.
He didnt cast in the others SF tournaments because of his lack of interest in it.But this time, Guy is in the new SF not for defend his clan, just
for have a good fighting!.
In the mean time he will get some new challenges that will make him prove his skills to the max!!


Kaishi, one of the new entrants to the Street Foghter tournament, a ninja-skills based warrior who's apparence, strangely remembers to Ryu.
He has very much power and a misterious energy within him. At some spot in the tournament, Kaishi reveals is face and, astoni
shed, the street fighters Ąsee Ryu's Face! (a shoto clon! wtf?  lol) Kaishi reveals that he is one of the failed experiments of Shadaloo to create a Rasetsu clon of Ryu, and that can escaped from its facilities. He went into the wild and perfect his abilities

He is now in here to find revenge against Shadaloo and find a life for his own...
He uses a wood-trainning blade wich he uses as a survival tool while into the wild, and has become inseparable to him.


Other New Warrior at the tournament, Zack is an Ex-Ranger of the US, who leave the forces to take action over the menace of the terrorists that fright his country. Is implulsive and a little violent, wich makes him take some bad decitions from time to time.
He will meet ChunLi, and get a crush on her. but as is forseen, ChunLi just ban him.So now Zack also focus his fighting to try impress the Lady he wants
for him .. and will try to figure out what the heck is what she calls "Shadaloo".

Shadaloo Recruit Yang
After being abducted by Shadaloo, Yang imposed resistance enough to the brainwash, to the point the evil cientists of shadaloo has to put a mental control bandana at him so they can rule his behavior.
Yang still has a hope of being free, but the bandana must be taken off just in time before takes complete control over his mind.
will Yun make it on time?? :|

Avenger Yun
After the SF3 tournament, yun and yang returned to their restaurant, however,one night Yang is abducted by the New Shadaloo Forces, with the intend  of transform him into a Shadaloo new soldier.
Yun, starts a desperate journey to try save his brother before Shadaloo Brainwash him.
In the meantime, Yun will met someone of his past who will help him in his goal..

Sensei Ibuki
after retrieving the "G-File" from Gill's organization, Ibuki fought Oro well enought to graduate as ninja, and went to university .There she continued training. in a spot of the time, she mets Mel Masters, and fell in love with him. After hear from Mel that he was going after Sean, she decides to go after she loved one and help him in his journey, but in the meantime, Ibuki hears Makoto has misteriously desapeared. And witnesses descriptions pointers to the Assasins Elite..
Now with master skills and a Katana, she goes to fight the new menace for finding Makoto..and help Mel keep himself alive. :P

Master  (Rose)
For those who has doubts or isnt very familiar with her original storyline, pls chk this link:

MCV: Rose stayed away from the street fighters world, Living in Roma, where she restarted the gypsies tribe she is from and is now her leader, she is now: "Master".
But, After Vega was bringed back to life again as Cyborg Vega, The Soul of Rose is again awakened to the evil feeling Vega generates on her.
Now, that Vega intends to use her again, Rose must fight against his Psycho Powers to send him to hell twice and for all, using the Soul Power she owns now to the Max, and wich Vega was a former student,and corrupted it to do his Psycho Power. the Collision of the opposite poles of Soul and energies is about to clash!!

Shun Hoshi
(last name unofficial)
Shun, the supposed brother of Ryu is now the complement of the new Street Fighter Star couple, along Mel Masters, he is the new generation of Ansatsuken fighters
He has an intempestive way, loves to fight and prove his strenght.
he trained with Ryu a few years, but he decides hes ready to let the world know him!!
(notice: in the New Generation of Ansatsuken fighters, Mel, son of ken, is the serious, and Shun, Ryu's bro, is the rebel!   ;) )

================:D  >=====================

Shadow Guile
Second in command of the Assasins Elite: an evil and blood-thirsty Guile clone, wich actually was who killed Fei Long and Elena's tribe Queen n Mother, will be the ultimate challenge for TopGun Guile, wich will have to defeat his own abilities. will he get what it takes?

Blood Ken
~thx to TMasta for the permissions given
an Evil clone of Ken, made with the only capability for destruction. but has the special ability to copycat the skills of his opponents! a spooky fight for anyone who stands agains it.

Mr. Demon
Other evil creation of Shadaloo, wich in the first impression, the street fighters tough, astonished, is a Go Hibiki clone! but whn in fight loses his mask, his true identity is revealed: IS A YOUNG GOUKEN RASETSU CLONE!! :o
so Ryu n Ken must kill..his master, evenwhen is an evil copy  ???

Fei Long Demential Zombie
The awefull and most gross of the Rasetsu evil experiments! after Kill Fei Long, Shadaloo bring hims to life again as a demential merciless murderer, wich his old folks will painfully must to fight, and let him rest in peace once and for all.... :(


Rasetsu Clon (Satsui no Hadou Ryu clon)
Shadaloo, in his genetic evil works, created the monster the world of street fighter fears the most: A completly consumed by the evil hadou, Ryu clon. An ultimate monster of destruction that remained in chains into the dungeons of the deeper shadows of shadaloo's facilities and that Vega has now released wich represents the ultimate menace, a menace that actually will need and ultimate alliance to be defeated: Ryu n Gouki shall fight together to erase him from the surface of the Earth!!!
*note: didnt add effects, i wanted to keep it clean  ;)

Mel Masters
(the son and pupil of Ken, Mel Masters, is now a brand-new street fighter. with a red Bandanna Ryu gave him and the teaches of his father, Mel goes out after Sean, his training mate and friend, to try stop him and got him free from his evil hadou. In the way Mel will try to proof the world, his father Ken, and Ryu; and mainly to himself, that he deservs a place in the street fighter History, not only by being "the Ken's son"

Queen Elena
After obtained victory over the evil,and got a degree in France, Elena back to her tribe and get named has Queen after the first queens death by hands of the Assasins Elite. Elena now has the Duty to go and fight for that awefull murder...
She has now changed his outfit to a silver-gold one and Queen tribal tatoos...

Hero Zangief
( After being named National Hero by Gorvachov, Zangief obtained fame and richness, and got relaxed for a while, but when the USSR goverment gets in knowledge of the New Shadaloo menace, sends his Hero to fight again against it. Now he has to fight again for his "mother Rusia" and prove that he is the greatest  wrestler ever!!  "the Red Ciclon is Back!!)

Evil Sean... >:D
Sean in his seek of strenght and power to finally win over his Master, Ken; does a terrible mistake: seduced by his huge power, meets gouki, who sees in the boy a great potential for the Satsui no Hado, and wakes up the dark power in Sean, a power who posseses him to the limit, leading him to a complete madness and power greed.. Sean is now an uncontroled and unexperienced evil  Hado, that need to be stopped!

Nirvana Dhalsim
Dhalsim retired to a inner journey, and eventualy gets illuminated, wich brings light and goodwill to his land, and goes all around the world spreading his learnings. now he has to fight no more, however, Dhalsim is still a councelor and spirit guide for Ryu to fight against his own evil Hado, and now with Vega back,and Gouki with a crescent power (a power only Dhalsim can feels) he decides to stick to Ryu and help him in his fight against evil forces
(he has no major changes in look because of his way of life, but he can now separate his soul from body, and generate an immense amount of energy (some like Aang in his Avatar state ;P)) wich he uses in extremly neccesary ocasions..(remember when Shaka open his eyes?? ...something alike.. >:D  )

Psycho Balrog
(the only one that kept with shadaloo as an allied, Balrog, is now one of the heads of his forces, commanding the "Assasins Elite" (some like Vega's Dark secret Service)
and now is more psychotic and sadic than ever, he uses now claws in both hands and a black mask

Ryu-Saikyo Dan
Dan got Revenge from his father's Death, but suddenly, Fei Long , his movie partner and friend, Dies at hands of the Assasins Elite, (YES HE DIEEEES!!)  And Dan decides once again to fight for revenge his friend's memory. in the past times, Fei Long teached Dan some of his techniques, so Dan now is capable to use them aswell, creating his own style (remember he also has some Kyokugen karate skills..))

TopGun Guile
(with the victory over shadaloo's base, Guile is now ranked as the US Army "TopGun".
However, he gets in a crossroad, since he is completely against the occupation of US over a far-east country, wich he thinks has no sense, and in a way of protest, cover his flag tatoo with a UN colored band.
in the meantime, Guile is Sent to infiltrate and Destroy the New Shadaloo forces once Again, and in the way he'll cross with his old demons..and the now-evil Nash.
note: He's not DukeNukem stunt double!! ;) ;*)) 

Bison Street Fighter.(After Shadaloo's fall, he loses all his money, fame n power, and Bison has to try to get back all again by the way he started in the first ocasion: illegal fights. then, when he recovered his discipline and warrior spirit, goes to the new street fighter tournament to try recover all that once was his..)

Tigre Sagat. (Sagat retired to train much more harder to the Thai Jungle and fought agains actual tigers,wich marks even more his body , to improve and Master his the meantime, he let grew his hair...
After get in knowledge of Ryu is out again for opponents, he goes in his meet for take a payback for his scars..)

Ninja Cammy
After got free by shadaloo's control, cammy swore to dedicate her life to fight against evil in all his she got herself with an ultimate stealth ninja suit,cutted his hair, and fight for justice in all around the world, until she hears "Vega IS ALIVE!!!"...  and goes to try reach him and make him pay for all his sins.

Tuxedo Ken (After Street Fighter, Ken defended and won his US martial artist championship Again, so he becomes more popular and, eventualy, more rich. hes now a Media Star..something like Beckham, but stills loves to fight against his old foes..and folks..and trains every day..)

Jungle Cammo Chun Li  ^-^ ^-^ ^-^   (when the interpol hears a Rumor that Vega has been bringed to life again by shadaloo, chun li is sent to investigate the facts to the amazonic Jungle, where the the secret shadaloo base is supposed to be located..) the pure hot-sexy cammo is just to enjoyment  :thumbsup:) i love her MORE  >:D
*note:if u mess just a lil with her palette, youll be so "fun".. >:D

Shadaloo Shadow Liutenant (Nash)
Shadaloo brainwashed Nash again by a chip implanted in his brain, after Vega's death, Nash took control over shadaloo and when Vega returns, become in his Right Hand Man, with the only objetive in his mind to destroy those who opposes Vega's will..especially Guile..)

Ryu Dragon Master
(After defeated Gouki in a fight, Ryu retired to the mountains to perfect his own martial art, wich he baptized: Ansatsuken Ryu-Jet.. and when he's ready, goes out the world again in seek of the hardest and powerfulls opponents he can find..and he has heard that Vega...has return.)

Baywatch Sakura

(Sakura has grown up, and has a part-time job as a baywatch in Japan, but still trains everyday with Ken to try to be a good opponent for the one she admires the most:Ryu.
eventualy, she get from Ken, the info that Ryu is again in a journey for opponents, and she waits not even a second for  starts the seek of him)

CyborgVega (after vega Died, the shadaloo cientists, bring him to life again, by implanting  cyborg parts to his body..."something like mech-fireza XD"), and returns for vendetta against those who killed him!!

Ultimate Gouki!!  :) (years passed and Gouki is now a supreme Master, wich ubication is unknown...)

Ansatsuken student Blanka.(after SF2) :w00t: :o
i always thinked Blanka was cool but "too monsterized", so i made him how i think it should look, and added a kinda shoto outfit..
Blanka was taken care of by Ken, who initiates him into ansatsuken, but with the electric capabilities Blanka has, he does a really´"electric" Blanka gets in the New Street Fighter tournament to improve an show the world his powers

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